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"Lizz is a very knowledgeable massage therapist. Her primary focus is listening to your body and figuring out how best to get your body back to how it should be. She has a desire to be a lifelong learner so she is always learning new techniques and new strategies for each and every issue. Whether it is a really tight shoulder, a neck that carries all my stress or an ankle that likes to pop out every so often, achy muscles that need some care or tiny little muscles that get all rolled up, I have never left her therapy session disappointed. I would recommend Lizz highly to anyone who is fortunate enough to find an appointment with her!”   - Pam D.

"I am a new client, and have already seen results. Lizz is intuitive and genuinely interested in getting to the source of your issues. She asks questions and gains a strong knowledge of your body before implementing massage techniques. With a long term hip issue at the root of my problems, I have a long way to go to improvement in mobility, however, I am already seeing results."  - Carole S.

"Lizz is a very gifted massage therapist, I love how she always asks how I’m doing and checks to see if anything has changed or is bothering me since my last visit. I enjoy her hot stone massages, they get deep down into my aching muscles. I always leave feeling extremely relaxed and refreshed. Thanks so much for all your care in this profession!”  - Kim T.

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